What is #AlienInvaders?

#AlienInvaders is an Invasive Alien Species (IAS) social media awareness and education campaign. Information relating to the control, prevention and eradication of IAS is currently assessed in the form of analogue information (leaflets, posters, and websites) or by presentation from an industry professional. #AlienInvaders sets out to challenge this method using a contemporary piloted digital marketing campaign. This project will relay digital information about colonised & potential invaders to educate audiences on ecological, economic and social impacts while promoting identification techniques and management advice.

Depositphotos_6740122_sWhat are Invasive Alien Species?

‘An alien species is an organism introduced outside its natural past or present distribution range by human agency, either directly or indirectly. This definition implies an active movement facilitated by humans through a number of different pathways, and covers both intentional and unintentional movements of species. Such movements of species have been occurring since the last ice age’

  • Intentional inductions are when species have been released to the environment for hunting, angling, aquaculture, forestry, agriculture, horticulture and gardening.
  • Unintentional inductions are accidental where species have moved due to unbeknownst human assistance, as in the case of hitchhikers or stowaways on clothing, within produce, on uncleaned equipment, or aquatic species transported through ballast water.

What are the campaigns objectives?

  1. To raise awareness of the severe impacts caused by IAS natural heritage & human well-being on local, regional, national & international levels.
  2. To educate audiences on ecological, economic and social impacts while promoting identification techniques and management advice about IAS through social media platforms.

How will objectives be achieved?

Central to the success of #AlienInvaders is the social media sharing of a series of short 1 & 1.5 minute information commercials to raise awareness of biosecurity and high priority IAS. All videos will be launched as part of the 2015 Earth Day (22nd April) celebrations; with individuals invited to participate by sharing links in an attempt to get the social media handle and project title trending worldwide for one day.


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  • Alastair Fenn

    “For nearly a decade I have been working on projects to combat the impacts of Invasive Alien Species (IAS). Unfortunately I have identified through the delivery of many control, prevention & eradication projects; the main hindrance to a projects success is the awareness of the public’s perception to the severity of impacts. #AlienInavders sets out to challenge this problem through a social media marketing campaign. I hope with increased awareness of impacts to natural heritage and human well-being more interest will be directed to facilitate greater economic funding & voluntary support”

    Alastair Fenn